About Us

Done Right Electrical, Inc. primarily serves northern Arizona, but we cover about a 150-mile radius from Kingman, AZ. We have successful installations in Mohave, Coconino, Lapaz, and Yavapai counties in cities near Kingman, Prescott, Yucca, Bouse, Flagstaff, Williams and more.

For installations lasting more than a few days we stay on site with our fully self-contained, solar powered work trailer. We have multiple service trucks fully stocked with parts and the necessary tools and equipment needed to complete jobs in off-grid locations.

We do the majority of our dirt work in house with a large compact track loader and a 6-ton class excavator. Both pieces of equipment have a full array of attachments and implements allowing us to build array pads, trenches, auger holes and set ground screws.

We focus on quality installations with first-rate solar components and electrical gear. Our background is commercial and industrial electrical, and we strive to create installations that are visually pleasing, functional, serviceable, durable, and expandable.

Our typical installation includes ground mount arrays for easy service, plus expansion, an automated back-up generator, and an advanced hybrid inverter that controls the system in a manner that is seamless, giving our clients grid like or nearly grid like power to live their off-grid life in comfort and ease.

With our focus on doing the best fieldwork we can, we do not do the system design. We refer our customers to NAZ (Northern Arizona Solar), a premier supplier of green energy products located in Flagstaff, AZ. They have a diverse team with extensive solar experience to help customers select the proper components to assemble the energy system that fits their needs. We then collaborate with the customer and NAZ to fine tune their design to the customers’ unique installation requirements and challenges.

What's in a Name?

A little back story on how Done Right Electrical, Inc. got its name.

Back when I started the business, I wanted to pick a good name. A name that would be catchy, easy to remember, stick in people’s minds.  A name that would perhaps inspire people to choose my services. And I thought I was being clever with the Done Right thing. Turns out I wasn’t the only one. Just in Mohave County alone there turned out to be a half dozen other “Done Rights” in all types of different businesses. And across the state and country there a bunch of Done Rights, Dunn Rights, Done Wrights, Etc. Oops. So much for being original.

But beyond being clever, the name Done Right actually had and still has real meaning for me and a story behind it. And a ring of truth that ultimately had me select that name. The genesis for the name, and what would become a formative moment that would guide the rest of my entire life, comes from a moment in time as a kid of around 14 or so. My step dad had assigned me some random chore-I honestly don’t remember what it even was-and in typical lazy teenager fashion, I totally half-assed the job and it produced predictable sub-par results of course. My step dad lost his patience. I’ll paraphrase here, but his rant went something like this: ”Dammit, quit being so lazy! If you’re going to do something, do it right, or don’t f#*&ing do it at all!”

Not in typical teenager fashion, somehow what he said just hit home. Life’s short-why waste time half-assing things or cutting corners? Do it right or just don’t bother wasting your time. Over the years, this philosophy would prove its merit time and time again. In my professional careers-from cook at a chicken restaurant ( a job that earned me an unfortunate nickname that would follow me the rest of my life), to running an off-road fab shop, to electrician-every time I would try to cut corners or not do a job to the best of my ability and skills, it would come back to bite me-it would just produce unsatisfactory results and often require that I re do the job.

I care about my work, and I care about the work that a customer receives, and at the end of the day-whether I was employed by another company, whether it is one of my employees, or if it is me myself doing the work-my name goes on that job and I want it to be right. Doing things right just became my way of work, the driving force behind every job and everything that I do, and within the small circles that I swam in, I became known to friends, customers, and competitors as a guy who didn’t cut corners, wasn’t cheap, and a guy whose work was always done right… And that still holds true today. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

Anyway, now you know the story of how this Done Right got its name.