Our Crew

Family Owned and Operated Since 2008

Dan Falkerson is particularly well suited for this line of work with over 25 years of experience in the electrical field.

He has extensive experience in commercial and industrial applications and has worked on gas and chemical process facilities, designed, and built custom electrical systems and motion control, traffic signal systems, industrial automation including design, construction and programming of custom mass production machines and hazardous locations.

He has headed up electrical installations on many custom residences. With off grid solar experience dating back over 10 years, and a love for out-of-the-way places, it is natural he leads Done Right Electrical, Inc. into its current chapter of focusing on off grid solar installations. In addition to his electrical background, Dan has extensive experience in metal fabrication and is well versed in design, R&D, welding, CNC plasma cutting, product development and small-scale manufacturing.

He also has knowledge and experience with pneumatics, hydraulics, heavy equipment repair, heavy equipment operation, building construction and permaculture. All this knowledge and experience comes in handy when laying out and installing off grid power systems and off-grid properties.

Denise Falkerson has over 3 decades’ experience in retail and management.

As if that does not keep one busy enough, during much of that time she picked up a lot of other experience in the blue-collar world also. She has helped build a number of steel buildings, worked on property development projects installing infrastructure such as power, water, irrigation and septic systems, she also has experience running an array of heavy equipment. Sharing Dan’s passion for off-road and camping misadventures, as well as being married to a madman that seems to need to custom build everything they own means Denise also has extensive experience doing all sorts of activities such as playing in the dirt, working in a metal fab shop, driving 4x4’s, co-driving high speed desert vehicles, overlanding, driving side by sides, and building, repairing and maintaining off road vehicles are all in a day’s fun for her.

And somewhere in all that Denise has spent countless hours on electrical jobs helping where needed. In 2023 Denise retired from her retail career to work at D.R.E. full time. All of this means that Denise has a diverse and extensive wealth of experience that makes her perfectly suited to not only do the actual installation work but excel at all the background logistics necessary to keep things running smoothly.