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Please call us at 928-453-5255. If we do not answer, please leave a message and we will get back to you. You may also email us at any time Here.

Please understand that we are often out in the field on multi-day installs and we will reply as soon as possible.


Fill out the form below, with as much information as possible, if you would prefer a written response.

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Please gather the following information for the form below:

  • Your full name, phone number, email address and billing address
  • Your project location, physical address if it has one, GPS coordinates if it does not have one.
  • Good clear photos of your project property, with attention to access, locations of where you would like to install your solar panels, batteries, and inverters
  • Any blueprints or sketches of your project
  • All of your building and solar permit documents
  • Any other information you feel is pertinent to your project

After all the documents are received,  we will review everything and will call or email you with any questions, suggestions or requests for additional information or photos.

After determining your needs, we will work with Northern Arizona Solar to revise the parts quote from them (if necessary) and will submit a proposal for any additional parts and labor needed to successfully make your project a functioning reality.

If you require a solar permit in Arizona, we can provide professionally drafted permit submittal documents, with engineering, for our clients. This will make obtaining the proper building permit, from your town or county, much easier.

Every proposal is custom tailored to you, your property, and your needs.