Installation Equipment

In order to do most installations in house, and to help make our installations the best they can be, Done Right Electrical, Inc. has a whole host of tools, equipment, and specialty tools.

Our primary service truck is a Freightliner FLD112 semi truck that has been converted to a beast of a mobile workshop and tow vehicle to get our equipment on site. Custom compartments, racks, and mounts have been installed to make this purpose-built for off-grid installations. The truck is filled with an impressive inventory of electrical parts, wire, and hardware, as well as general construction hardware and specialty solar parts as well. The truck also holds an impressive array of power tools, hand tools, and specialty tools. The truck’s on-board air compressor and crane help move, lift and install a variety of components.

Our second service truck is a F-350 with a service box as well. It is also stocked with a full array of parts, tools, and supplies. It usually hauls our job trailer that we live in on-site as well.

We can’t talk about our service trucks without mentioning ‘Ol Yeller, our original service truck purchased for the company way back when we started. ‘Ol Yeller is a 1974 F-250 and was built from the ground up from several old broken down trucks, and has been rebuilt several times over the years into it’s current Fummins 4x4 trim. It doesn’t see much action these days as it’s been relegated to use as a backup truck, or for smaller jobs in tight areas.

Our Job trailer is our living quarters and office when we are on remote jobs. It also allows to haul extra parts that don’t fit in the trucks sometimes. The trailer is fully self contained and modified to boondock for extended periods of time.

We have several equipment trailers that we use to haul our excavator, compact track loader, or other gear to jobs.

Our excavator is an older but excellent Bobcat 341 Midi sized unit weighing in around 12,000 pounds. We have a host of buckets in multiple sizes for digging, ditching, and penetrating hard rock conditions. Additionally we have auger heads, vibrating plate compactor, and hammer attachments for it to make it a capable and versatile machine.

Our Takeuchi TL140 track loader is our other larger piece of dirt moving equipment. It also has a multitude of buckets and attachments to make it efficient at moving dirt, brush and rock removal, and moving heavy materials around the jobsite.

Among a whole host of other smaller equipment are things like crane load cells for testing ground screw installs, ladder lifts for tricky roofs, portable area lighting for night time operations, and a baby skid steer that fits on the deck of our Freightliner for little jobs in tight places.

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