14.6KW off-Grid

This is a pretty neat system designed for a customer in the Prescott area for their custom dream property they are building off-grid.

The system starts with forty 365 watt solar panels on an Iron Ridge ground mount system.

We then did all the trenching for the system’s large amount of underground conduit to keep everything looking neat and clean. The array is some 250’ away from the inverter shed, and a spare conduit was provided for planned future expansion of solar production. A 30KW water-cooled Kohler back up generator for the system that we installed is also fed into the shed via underground conduits. Inside the shed, the underground conduits were carefully arranged to provide a clean and functional look while allowing for maximum use of existing space and for planned expansion. Underground conduits were also put in place to feed the house and other out buildings that are planned.

The heart of the solar system is a trio of SolArk 12K inverters paired to three Fortress E-Vault lithium batteries. The inverters AC inputs and outputs are combined in a 200A combiner panel for the generator inputs, and a 400A output combiner to support the planned inverter expansion.

A 400A bypass switch allows the inverter system to be shut down and bypassed to run on generator only power should the need arise.

The large gutter system allows easy system expansion when the time comes.

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