12.8 KW off grid

Done Right Electrical, Inc. was called on to help design and implement a complete power system retrofit of this beautiful off grid residence located in Yucca, Arizona.

Working closely with the owners and Northern Arizona Solar, we came up with a system and design to elevate the property’s power system to grid-like performance.

We began by clearing a space for the new Tamarack ground mount array with thirty-two 400Watt panels, carefully placing the array to disturb as little of the native vegetation as possible in a location that minimized both its visual and environmental impact to the property.

After the array was installed, we trenched over 350’ to the existing inverter shed and installed new underground conduits for the solar array and for the new 24KW backup generator we installed out of sight behind the array to minimize its sound signature on the property.

Then we had the challenge of installing a large new system in a cramped room while the old system was still up and running for as long as possible to minimize power disruption to the property.

Once again, our experience in designing clean and creative layouts served us well, and we were able to move the old lead battery bank out of the way and install the new system on a completely different wall from the old system. The result was the new system actually left more useable space in the shed when completed than the old system, was cleaner and easier to monitor and work on, had more than 4 times the capacity of the old system, and the power outage to the property during construction was kept to only one day.

The new system consists of the impressive SolArk 15K inverter, backed by 10 Discover AES rackmount lithium batteries. The system also incorporates a new AC load center, a Generator combiner panel for power isolation and future expansion if needed, a 200A bypass switch which also allows for easy expansion, and our usual gutter install for a clean and functional look with easy expansion capabilities.

We also added several conduits and circuits and lighting for inside the inverter shed.

Additionally, because this location sees some pretty high temperatures in the summer, we powered up a new mini split air conditioner installed to keep the batteries and inverter working their best.

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