5.5KW Off-Grid System Seligman, Az.

This was a system designed for a beautiful two story off grid cabin with small power needs.

It featured fifteen  370 watt solar panels on a Tamarack ground mount system anchored with ground screws.

We hit caliche when we tried to set the ground screws, so out came the rock auger to pre-drill the earth for the screws.

We trenched some 300 feet from the house to the array for the array and backup generator underground conduits. After trenching, the dirt was carefully put back in a manner that left minimal evidence of all that earth having been disturbed.

The heart of the system revolves around 5 Pytes Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries mated to a Phocos 6.5Kw inverter via a Midnite Solar distribution center.

As the Phocos is a 120 volt only inverter, and this customer had a few 240/120 split phase loads, we added a Victron autotransformer to create the split phase for the system. From there we routed the 120/240 AC power to the homes main electrical panel.

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