4.5KW off-grid residence Seligman, Az

Sometimes, a customer just needs an upgrade, and that was the case with this system.

Originally a single inverter and a huge bank of lead acid batteries, we were called in to convert it to Lithium Iron Phosphate and add a second inverter to update it to their growing power needs.

Some extra panels were also added to help them charge their batteries faster.

There was already an existing Outback VFX inverter with a Flexware distribution system, so we added the necessary breakers and wiring to install a second VFX, giving them the split phase power they wanted to efficiently run a new mini split air conditioner. A new MATE3 was also added for control over the system.

Additionally, there had been some wiring and charging issues with their back up generator, so we resolved those too.

Finally, three Fortress 5.4 batteries with a Victron Lynx were installed in place of the aging lead acids batteries. Just removing the lead acid batteries and replacing them with the lithium batteries gained the customer about 12 square feet of useable floor space in their power shed.

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