3.6 KW Off Grid Home – Bouse, Arizona

Sometimes, a customers needs are simple and small, and that was the case with this amazing property and energy-efficient house in Bouse.

10 panels on the flat roof on tilt up mounts produce about 3600 watts of solar power.

A little SolArk 5K manages the pair of Fortress 5.4 lithium batteries and a remote standby backup generator should solar production lag.

Like all of our installations, a manual bypass switch allows the electrical system to run strictly off the generator should the inverter system need maintenance or shut down for some reason.

Even in our smaller installations like this one, we prefer the use of an electrical “gutter” wireway as our main wiring and junction area. This affords a clean look, easier wire management, and a ready means to expand the power system should the need ever arise.

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